Friendly concierge

Raffaele Sorrentino’s team of professional concierges caters to the wants and needs of Geisberg residents.




Life is

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For some people, beauty resides in the opportunity to experience new and inspiring things every single day. They have an unquenchable thirst for the excitement of the city; they want to immerse themselves in it, soak it all up and take inspiration from the people and places around them. For others, beauty resides in the privacy of their own four walls. They enjoy having the time to admire details such as historic arched windows. Both types of people are at home in Geisberg Berlin. After all, this listed building on Geisbergstrasse is diverse and multifaceted, and it’s possible to live in grand style in the flats contained within its walls – high ceilings, spacious rooms and a history you can sense. Or, if you prefer, you can opt for an individually designed flat in one of the new wings. You can combine the peace and privacy of your own home with the vibrant community that gathers in the grand hall. Some find relaxation in the calm of the green courtyard with its lush plant life, whereas some are happier drinking a glass of wine with friends on the terrace of the grand hall. And the surrounding area is no less diverse than Geisberg itself, with lovers of fine art

simply spoilt for choice – having to decide whether they’re in the mood for something at one of the three opera houses; the Philharmonie or the Konzerthaus; classic or modern art; a visit to Literaturhaus or a contemporary reading at Haus der Berliner Festspiele. And, if you enjoy strolling through the city, all you have to do is choose your direction, as Franz Hessel once did. The southern portion of the Bavarian Quarter is home to 19th-century villas, magnificent squares and elegant boutiques. A little further east are Winterfeldtplatz with its famous street market and the Akazienkiez quarter, where locals flock to the many individual shops, cafes and restaurants. If you head north, you will soon come to City West and Kurfürstendamm. The KaDeWe department store and the new hotspot Bikini Berlin are just around the corner, not to mention the legendary Zoo Palast cinema, which has now been reopened. And if you head west, it won’t take you long to find such legendary Berlin theatres as Bar jeder Vernunft and Komödie am Kurfürstendamm. Beauty comes in many different forms. As does Geisberg.



Respectful and cultivated,
sustainable and delightful

Geisberg Berlin is driven by a pioneering vision: How can we design successful living spaces over the long term? How can we live both as individuals and members of the community? Geisberg Berlin is a determined and far-sighted response to the challenges and questions raised by the world we live in. The project is underpinned by five interconnected aspects:

1. Sustainable construction Geisberg Berlin aims to become the first listed building to attain the certificate in gold from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).

2. Respect Geisberg Berlin strives to be a place of healthy, cultivated and respectful living – in harmony with the local architecture, the environment and the community as a whole.

3. Community As a place with its own identity, Geisberg Berlin is home to an inspiring community and offers spaces for meeting and sharing ideas.

4. Well-being By transforming a grey part of the city’s landscape into a green oasis, the project creates a space with everything people need to feel at home.

5. Flair Geisberg Berlin is committed to the idea of bringing together responsible activities with stylish living.



Turning grey
into green

Thanks to Geisberg Berlin, what was once a closed-off hectare of urban landscape is set to become a green oasis with outstanding quality of life.

Landscape gardeners Coqui Malachowska Coqui have created a diverse range of spaces in their design of the extensive grounds. Different areas offer residents different ways to enjoy the fresh air. The green courtyard, which is created with the addition of the new garden wing, is perfect for taking a break. Situated opposite, the red courtyard, which is dominated by the brick facade of the old post office, gives residents an opportunity to spend time

with their neighbours. A large wooden table and cosy seating areas provide the ideal setting for pleasant garden parties and neighbourly get-togethers. And there is no shortage of play areas. Behind the garden wing, loose groups of plants scattered across the lawns open out into the white gardens. The wall, which itself is wrapped in greenery, gives residents privacy and keeps out noise from the neighbouring Europa-Schule. When not out enjoying the communal gardens, residents can savour the fresh air in the privacy of their own home thanks to terraces, balconies and roof terraces.

Marc F. Kimmich, COPRO Projektentwicklung GmbH and Basil Demeroutis, FORE Partnership

Designing a
new living space

It takes excitement, passion and imagination to transform a listed post office building into a place to live. The investor FORE Partnership and the developer COPRO Projektentwicklung GmbH have already demonstrated their passion. And they see their role as being designers of living spaces. They don’t merely see property in terms of its commercial value, but take a holistic approach with a focus on the long term. This ethos guides the Geisberg Berlin project partners as they take on this demanding challenge. In order to sustainably retain and develop a listed building, all parties have to share a vision of sustainable construction. In other words, various factors have to be brought together – and brought to life – as part of a holistic concept. On the one hand, this means conserving resources when it comes to energy, water and refuse. On the other, it means setting new standards in terms of construction materials, air quality, the design of open spaces and accessibility. Buyers of residential units in the original structure can also activate the Denkmal AfA scheme (tax incentives for the restoration of listed buildings) if they purchase prior to the start of the construction phase.